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Dr Gëzim Alpion

Media Interviews

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  • Addley, Esther. ‘Welcome to camp Tirana’. The Guardian. (London and Manchester, UK) 11 March 2003, p. 7. [Dr Alpion was quoted on the British government’s proposal to send asylum seekers arriving in the UK to Albania.]

  • Ahmed, Rashmee Z. (TNT) ‘Mother Teresa was used by India: says Author Dr Gëzim Alpion’. The Times of India. (Mumbai/Bombay, India) 16 October 2004; ‘Book questions the Mother miracle’. The Times of India. 17 October 2004. [The feature also appeared in several papers in Calcutta/Kolkata and across India.]

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  • On 29 June 2005, Dr Alpion was interviewed by the Indian State Television Network (Doordarshan) (Calcutta/Kolkata, India) on his study on Mother Teresa. Interviewer: Professor Gaston Roberge; Director of programme: Jayanta Sarkar.

  • On 27 November 2004, Dr Alpion gave an interview in London, UK, to Showtime’s Penn & Teller Show (Los Angeles, USA) on his study on Mother Teresa’s relationship with the media.

  • On 30 October 2003, Dr Alpion was interviewed in Prishtina, Kosova, by RTV21 on his academic and literary career in the UK and his current research on media representations of Mother Teresa. Director of programme: Esad Dujaka.

  • On 30 October 2003, Dr Alpion was interviewed in Prishtina, Kosova, by Pranvera Munishi of KTV on his lecture on Mother Teresa at the University of Prishtina.

  • On 9 May 1999, Dr Alpion took part in the Jonathan Dimbleby programme, which was televised live on ITV from London, UK. He spoke, among other things, about the reasons why the 1999 war in Kosova should not be treated as a religious conflict.

  • In January 1992, Dr Alpion was interviewed in Cairo, Egypt, by the RTSH, (Albanian Radio-Television) about his research at the University of Cairo.