Professor Antony Fielding


Antony Fielding was educated at Chadderton Grammar School.  He was awarded a State Scholarship and gained a B.Sc. (Econ) and M.Sc. in Statistics at the London School of Economics.  He lectured in the Departments of Statistics at the University of Edinburgh and LSE before coming to Birmingham, where he is Professor of Social and Educational statistics.  He is also a member of the National Evaluation of the Childrens Fund and Visiting Research fellow at the Centre for Multilevel Modelling, University of Bristol.


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Recent publications include:


Using Cross Classified Models to Improve Estimates of the Determination of Pupil Attainment.
Research for Department for Education and Skills. Three reports are available:

Fielding, A. and Yang, M. (2005). Generalised Linear Mixed Models for Ordered Responses in    Complex Multilevel Structures: Effects Beneath the School or College in Education. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series A (Statistics in Society), 168, 1, 159-183.


Gunter, H., Rayner, S., Thomas, H., Fielding, A., Butt, G., Lance, A. (2005).   Teachers, Time and Work:  Findings from the Evaluation of the Transforming the School Workforce Pathfinder Project. School Leadership and Management, 5, 441-454.


Beauchamp, M., Bray, S., Fielding, A., Eys, A. (2005).  A Multilevel Investigation of the Relationship between Role Ambiguity and Role Efficacy in Sport. Psychology of Sport  and Exercise, 6, 289-302.

Fielding, A. (2004a). Scaling for Residual Variance Components of Ordered Category Responses in Generalised Linear Mixed Multilevel Models.  Quality and Quantity, The European Journal of Methodology, 38, 4, 425-433.

Fielding, A. (2004b). The Role of the Hausman Test and Whether Higher Level Effects Should be Treated as Random or Fixed. Multilevel Modelling Newsletter, 16, 2, 3-9.

Fielding, A. and Hughes, N. (2004). Indicator Data and Targeting Groups and Units in` Implementing Preventative Measures. National Evaluation of the Children’s Fund, Online Conference on Understanding Prevention: Children, Families and Social     Inclusion, Published on the Web:

Firmstone, V. R., Bullock, A.D., Fielding, A, Frame, J. W., Gibson, C. and Hall, J. (2004). The Impact of Course Attendance on the Practice of Dentists. British Dental Journal, 196, 2, 773-777.

Corcoran, C., Douglas, G., Pavey, S., Fielding, A., McLinden, M., McCall, S. (2004). Network 1000: The Changing Needs and Circumstances of Visually-Impaired People, Project Overview.  British Journal of Visual Impairment, 22, 93-100.

Fielding, A., Yang, M. and Goldstein, H. (2003). Multilevel Ordinal Models for Examination Grades. Statistical Modelling, 3, 127-153.

Fielding, A. (2003). Ordered Category Responses and Random Effects in Multilevel and Other Complex Structure. In N. Duane and S. Reise (Eds.), Multilevel Modelling: Methodological advances, issues and applications, Chapter 9, 181-208. Mahwah NJ, Erlbaum.

Plewis, I. and Fielding, A. (2003).  What is Multilevel Modelling for? A Critical Response to Gorard. British Journal of Educational Studies, 51, 4, 408-418.


Current research areas:

Main research interests are statistical methodology in the social sciences, in particular education.  Special research in field of random effects and multilevel modelling for ordered responses in cross-classified structures.

Downloadable Items:
An Instrumental Variable Consistent Estimation Procedure to Overcome the Problem of Endogenous Variables in Multilevel Models, A Fielding and Neil Spencer.

A Comparison of Modelling Strategies for Value-Added Analyses of Educational Data, A Fielding and Neil Spencer.

The MLn and MLwin used in these papers for instrumental variable estimation are available as self-extracting zip files: 


(These files will need to be unzipped using WinZip.  If this is unavailable to you, please email Tony Fielding at

MLwiN macros for dealing with ordered category responses in cross-classified multilevel models are available as the self extracting zip file:


Ordered Category Responses and Random Effects in Multilevel and Other Complex Structures: Scored and Generalised Linear Models (draft chapter, 1999)

Explanatory Modelling of Complex Social Structures with Case Studies in Educational Research (Expert presentation to ESRC/BERA Advanced Training Workshop, School of Education, The University of Birmingham, July 7 2000)

Ordered Category Responses in Multilevel and Cross-Classified Structures (paper presented to the 22nd Conference of the Society for Multivariate Analysis in the Behavioural Sciences, July 2000)

Teaching Groups as Foci for Evaluating Performance in Cost-effectiveness of GCE Advanced Level Provision:  Some Practical Methodological Innovations (paper presented to 10th International Congress on School Effectiveness and Improvement, UMIST, Manchester, January 1998)